Cultivate an awareness and care for your gut.

An exploration into branding.
How does a market gap turn into a brand?
Research observations
1) THE mood market:  People want things that make them feel good mentally.
According to fieldwork done by Mintel in 2018, 85% of people surveyed are interested in supplements that enhance mental health. I also looked into the adjacent beauty market for trends that I can transfer to the VSM. According to WGSN 2019 trends, people are looking for products that enhance mood.
2) THE MIND/GUT axis: The gut microbiome directly affects mood and personality.
The gut microbiome plays an immense role in people's mental health and mood. For example, germ-free mice exchanged personalities via fecal transplant (bacteriatherapy) – shy mice became more active and vice versa, each adopting the donor's anxiety profiles (study).
3)  PUBLIC OBLIVIOUSNESS: Many are unaware of the mental benefits of probiotics.
The public perception (particularly millennials) of probiotics is that they are good, but not sure why or how (study). Most people are unaware of the other physical impacts of gut flora beyond digestive health as well as the impact microbes have on the mind.